1. Helping network foundation collects information from the users in a number of ways, for example when the you

Makes a donation
Signs up for a campaign
Signs up to stay updated

2. While forwarding a donation for helping network Foundation contributor have to submit some personal information as it would help us ensuring genuine contributions:

Your name
Your email and mailing address
Your telephone number
Your payment processing details
Any other data as required

3. Helping network foundation does not collect or record the user’s personal information unless he/she chooses to provide it.

Use of Personal Information

1. General browsing of helping network foundation website is anonymous and it does not register the user’spersonal information except the time, date and place of visits and the name of internet service provider. This data is used only for statistics and diagnosis.

2. By signing up for various services offered by helping network foundation , the user explicitly authorizes us to collect information based on the user’s usage. The information is used to help provide a better experience to the user and is used as per the user’s specified instructions.

3.Helping network foundation keeps the user information strictly confidential and this information is secured safely. All relevant information collected through helping network foundation website is handled and used by internal and/or authorized officials only. It is nevershared with any external agencies or third party individuals.

4. Helping network foundation uses the information givento it in the following ways:

To keep an accurate record of all the donations received
To update users about its happenings and developments through bulletins and newsletters, with an option of not to subscribe for the same
To make sure the user is receiving the most appropriate and relevant information
To find out more about the people who are visiting the helping network foundation website, donating, or joining its campaigns
5. Usually,helping network foundation does not store user data. In case of specific sign-ups, the data is stored as per user request. The user can opt to delete all the information he/she has provided by simply requesting such by mail. All information, without exception, will be deleted in two working days.